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Easter Sokoban

About Easter Sokoban

Help the Easter Bunny to organize his Easter eggs

During Easter the Easter Bunny delivers Easter eggs to children around the world. Before he can fulfill that task, you have to help the Easter Bunny by moving the Easter eggs to the designated storage locations. Easter Sokoban is the Easter edition of Cargo Challenge. The game features a cheerful Easter theme with suitable graphics, music and 99 levels.

Easter Sokoban is a modern day interpretation of the classic Sokoban game. Sokoban, which means 'warehouse keeper' in Japanese, is a transport puzzle game. The aim of Sokoban is to push boxes to the designated storage locations by moving the player through a warehouse labyrinth. The warehouse keeper can only push boxes; he can't pull them. Also, just one box may be pushed at the same time. The simplicity of the game rules, in combination with the many levels ranging from easy to extremely difficult, has made Sokoban a real classic.

Easter Sokoban includes 99 original levels. The game features modern graphics and can be played on many platforms, from your favourite web browser to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Besides keyboard, mouse and touch input Easter Sokoban also supports game controllers and game pads.

Because many Sokoban levels are hard to solve, Easter Sokoban makes it possible to select the level that you want to play. By doing so you don't need to solve each puzzle to advance. The game tracks the time and the number of moves and pushes to publish the best scores of all players on this website.

On the settings screen in the game you can enable or disable the sound effects and game music. There you can also choose one of the following languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Italian or Spanish.

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