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  • Nederlands
  • Deutsch
  • Français
  • Italiano
  • Español
  • Play online & on mobile devices

    Cargo Challenge can be played online in your favou­rite web browser and on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The game runs on the following mobile operating systems: iOS and Android.

  • Keyboard, mouse & touch support

    It doesn't matter how you would like to play Cargo Challenge: the game supports key­board, mouse and touch input. Just choose your preferred control method and let the game begin!

  • Game controller & game pad support

    Besides keyboard, mouse and touch input this game also supports game controllers and game pads. Game controllers and game pads make playing Cargo Challenge even more fun and convenient.

  • 99 challenging levels

    This game features as many as 99 challen­ging levels. These levels guarantee almost unlimited hours of playing fun. Are you able to solve all 99 cargo puzzles?

  • Level selection

    Stumbled upon a level which you are unable to solve? In Cargo Challenge you can select the level you want to play, so you don't need to solve each puzzle to advance.

  • Fits on all screens

    This game is designed to fit on all screens. Whether you play on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer, the game is always displayed in the biggest possible size.

  • Highscore system

    What's a game without scores? Cargo Chal­lenge tracks the time and the number of moves and pushes to publish the best scores of all players on this website.

  • Adjustable settings

    On the settings screen you can enable or disable the sound effects and game music. You can also choose a language: English, Dutch, German, French, Italian or Spanish.

  • Completely HTML5 based

    Cargo Challenge is fully HTML5 based so it runs in all modern web browsers and on multiple platforms. The game was created using HTML5, JavaScript, canvas and CSS3.